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• Brand Positioning to Brand Proposition
• Brand Purpose
Brand Identity
• Brand Voice/ Tonality
Brand Digital Strategy

• Media Promotion Strategy
• New-Age Marketing & Communication Funnel
• Business-Type Go-To-Market Strategies
• Goal Setting & Market Prioritization
• Consumer Segment Prioritization & Cohort Strategies

Brand Positioning and Brand Proposition

Have you come across anyone using Brand Positioning and Brand Proposition interchangeably? Although it is, unfortunately, a common sight, here’s what you should know. They are not synonymous. Each has its significance and unique purpose. A brand proposition speaks about the value the brand will provide if the customers choose to buy its product. Whereas, brand positioning is a process of creating a perception in the minds of people for distinguishing the brand from the existing brands in the category. Are you a new brand looking to establish a digital presence? We can help you position your brand and present its proposition to would-be customers on digital platforms

Are you a new brand looking to establish a digital presence? We can help you position your brand and present its proposition to would-be customers on digital platforms

Brand Purpose

Today’s customer is socially and environmentally responsible and this reflects in their choices. Therefore, it is necessary to tell your audience your brand’s purpose; what it stands for. Your brand purpose has the power to drive customers to connect with your brand and eventually choose you. In simple words, your brand purpose is the reason your brand exists beyond the sales point of view

We’re glad to have worked with brands with a purpose. This helped shape dynamic campaigns that connected with their audiences on a personal level. If your brand goes beyond its product or service to ‘do the right thing’, our team would love to put forward your brand purpose with an impactful campaign strategy. 

Brand Identity

Brand identity covers every distinguishing feature of your brand that sets it apart from the competition. The name, logo, colour, design, and tagline all serve as visual representations of your brand to the customer. One of the first stages of the branding journey that should not be rushed is brand identity. It has the potential to leave an unforgettable mark. Brands that cut corners during this stage may face difficulties later on. Customers can easily recognise your brand if you have a strong brand identity.

Complicated names and logos are ineffective because they lack clarity and recall. Our team has worked on a variety of brands from various domains to create distinct brand identities. If you are looking for something similar, we would be delighted to create a memorable brand identity for you.

Brand’s Tone of Voice

Your brand requires an element to help it stand out in the digital noise. In a group discussion, a person with good storytelling skills, a witty sense of humour, and a charismatic personality has a better chance of making his point. This is because his personality stands out. Similarly, your brand's tone of voice reflects its personality and gives it individuality.

Therefore, along with brand identity, it is equally crucial to set the tone of the brand while launching it. If you happen to use different tones of voice during your digital journey, customers are less likely to resonate with your brand. We help you set your brand’s tonality that is suitable to your brand’s positioning, proposition, and target audience.

Digital Brand Strategy

Digital brand strategy is a comprehensive plan we create for your brand communication to reach your customers online. This communication helps to develop a brand image as to how your customer perceives your brand. In this process, our team develops brand guidance to ensure that every interaction with customers is kept consistent.

If you’re wondering what differentiates digital brand strategy from digital marketing, here’s a simple explanation for you.

Digital branding allows your brand to develop a brand image and create a strong connection with the customer base using digital mediums. Whereas, Digital Marketing enables you to market products and increases sales.

The services we provide under Digital Marketing are: 

  • Promotion Strategy
  • Communication Funnel
  • Goal Setting 
  • Target market prioritization 
  • Cohort strategies