How to create Brand Love and leverage your brand on social media?

create brand love

Let’s talk about what brand love is. Is it simply the love your customers feel towards your products or services, or is it the love they have towards your brand?

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

As per this quote by Zig Ziglar, customers aren’t only drawn towards the quality and purpose your brand provides, but also towards the emotions like trust, loyalty, care, assurance, confidence, and love that your brand evokes through its communication as well as through the consistent good experiences it delivers.

By having a social media page that talks only about the logical benefits of the products/services, can your brand make the desired impact on your customers?

The answer is no. That’s why we need to create brand love by integrating empathy to our brand communication. To get started, here are 5 things you need to keep in mind to create brand love:

1.Know Your Audience

Knowing your purpose and your audience helps you to bring more clarity while planning the brand strategy. You can take help of research or talk to as many people as you can to understand your audience better.

2. Make a Connection via Storytelling

People love to read/hear stories. Communicating your brand purpose via effective storytelling and emotional appeal makes a stronger impact. A piece of communication that lacks clarity and emotions can get lost in the sea of content floating on social media. Storytelling sparks their interest, retains their attention, and keeps them engaged in your communication.

3. Provide Experience over Sales

If you want your customers to follow your page, above all, you must keep track of their interests, their problems, and provide them with solutions that your brand has to offer. With a high level of reliability in your communication, it becomes evident for the customers that you understand them. He/she then starts to find value in your social media page, begins to trust you, and therefore eventually gains the confidence to purchase from you.

4. Make it a Two-way Communication

It takes two to click. For effective communication, it is also necessary to listen to what the customer has to say. Having a communication strategy that gives your customer an opportunity to engage in a conversation with your brand makes the customer feel important. It can be done through feedback, instant turnaround to feedback, comments, and social media stories.

5. Maintain Consistency

While you do all the above, it is important to be consistent with it. If you communicate with your audience once in a blue moon, they will either forget that you exist or they will choose to not take your brand seriously.

A customer’s relation with a brand needs to be maintained the same way we maintain our relation with our close ones. Understanding, respect, care, and consistent communication is at the core of our relationships, and hence it should be at the core of your brand communication in order to create a lasting bond with the customers. People love brands that love them back. As said before, it’s a two-way street. Therefore, to create brand love, it is key to merge human emotions while communicating with your audience. This helps them connect with you, and eventually fall in love with your brand.

At Red & Blue Digital (a digital advertising agency in Bangalore), we aim to put human emotions at the forefront of every brand communication collateral. This helps the customers know that the brand understands them and their needs. To further enhance the brand communication experience, we merge digital tools to better analyze and target a brand’s customers. If you are looking to build a digital presence that stands out and communicates with your audience the way they like it, feel free to reach out to us to know more about our services.